About Us

InteGrow Business

The InteGrow Capital Group team includes people who have worked in banking, financial services, Corporate Consulting, health services and technology in different parts of the world including Africa, Europe and The Americas. Our executives have a combined diverse experience spanning over 40 years. The strength and depth of our team allows us to pursue solutions with great flexibility and speed. We leverage our close relationships with our clients and funding network to make transaction process more efficient and enjoyable for all involved. Our size provides us the ability to guarantee that each and every transaction gets the full attention of our executives. Our clients can draw upon the broad-range of world-class expertise.


As a business, InteGrow Capital has helped clients by handling transactions of more than USD 150 million since inception. Although we are deliberate and selective, our business model is such that we only take money when our clients succeed


From time to time, we send updates on opportunities to our clients

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