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Focusing on Sub-Sahara Africa

Working with sub-Sahara African businesses to help them unleash their intrinsic value by unlocking capital constraints

Working with American Exporters to venture into this market by offering insight and brokering instruments to minimize risk, secure working capital guarantee, receivables insuarance and medium to long term loan guarantees.

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equipement solutions In simple terms, Trade Finance refers to financing of international trading transactions. In this financing arrangement, the bank or other institution of the importer arranges for paying for the goods on behalf of the importer. The importer's bank assists by issuing a letter of credit to the exporter's bank which guarantees payment for goods upon presentation of certain documents such as a bill of lading. At InteGrowCapital, we go beyond this arrangement. In cases where the importer's local banks move slow and fail to address needs, we work with our network of funders to find reasonable solutions beyond the borders. Whether it is earth-moving equipment, machinery, Aeroplanes, raw materials, Software and Hardware, food-stuff etc, we are ready to talk to you. We have qualified personnel to help you throughout the process.


equipement solutions Background:
InteGrow Capital Group (ICG) is an advisory and consulting company which provides growth companies with strategic advice and structured financing solutions. We are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA with footprints in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The current USA government Administration has reiterated their commitment to the social economic development of Africa. They have declared the sub-Saharan Africa region as an area of significant importance in terms of US direct investment. To stimulate such foreign investment and exports to the sub-Saharan Africa region, the government offers guarantees to the USA banks that extend loan facilities to the foreign buyers. The result is minimized risk to the lenders, which translates to very competitive borrowing rates for the foreign buyers.

Why go with InteGrow Capital…
By having presence in the USA, InteGrow Capital is strategically positioned to help African businesses to take advantage of these facilities. Our biggest asset is our team members, who are not only experienced in handling these kinds of transactions but are also ready to go out there and clear the landmines for you. Our goal is to unlock the capital constraints, in the process helping African Companies unleash their intrinsic values to the maximum potential. We open the doors so that lack of local funding should no longer be a limiting factor for companies to realize their strategic plans.

InteGrow Capital works with US Exporters, Commercial Banks and Lenders to facilitate the purchase of US raw materials, equipment/machinery, expertise, inventory, goods and services for export. For those sub-Saharan businesses that have been shelving expansion projects because of high costs of equipment or prohibitive interest rates, the opportunity is at the door-step now. To date, many businesses in the region have already taken advantages of these low rate facilities.

How much does InteGrow Capital charge for the services?
Our services are free if you do not succeed. A nominal fee is charged upon success and this is agreed upon before we start working on your project.

Examples of Industries equipment orders that are supported Manufacturing, Construction equipment, Medical equipment, Mining equipment, Earth Moving equipment, Power-generation equipment, Aircraft and Avionics, Service Industry, Renewable Energy, Agri-business, wholesale & retail and Oil and gas Industry equipment. Military related equipment is not supported.

How does the process work?

  • The buyer should identify the US equipment/machinery and a supplier. All costs up to the delivery point must be clear. In some cases, we may help identify equipment on behalf of the buyer.
  • The buyer sends to us a Teaser or an Executive Summary on the Project detailing cash-flow projections and time table for debt-repayment. A full Business Plan is also acceptable.
  • Furthermore, the buyer should be in a position to produce a minimum of 1 year of financial records such as bank statements (sometimes 3 years) upon request. This will help to determine their credit-worthiness.
  • Once we have all the relevant information, we’ll be in a position to start processing the procurement of your equipment/machinery.
  • The buyer will need to have at least 15% down payment (at a local bank) of the total of the amount being financed.
  • All transactions are arranged in collaboration of the buyer’s local bank.
  • Repayment is usually up to 5 years and in exceptional cases, up to 7 years.
  • InteGrow Capital will consider a minimum amount of $500,000 and no maximum amount is set.

InteGrow Capital Group Commitment
At InteGrow, we do not only look to the money. We like to work on viable social responsible projects/ transactions. We therefore encourage companies with social economic projects that help open up employment opportunities and are geared towards improving peoples’ lives to partner with us. We look forward to accomplishing great things with you.

For any questions or serious enquiries, please do not hesitate to reach contact us


electric power plant This process is usually suitable for large scale projects such as (but not limited to) hydro-electric power plants and oil and gas pipelines. This process involves the creating of a legally-independent project company that is financed with non-recourse debt and equity from one or more sponsoring entities for the purpose of financing investment in a single-purpose capital asset, usually with a limited life, that will generate predictable cash flows to repay the debt.

InteGrow Capital Group makes sure you concentrate on running your core business while helping you structuring such processes which can sometimes be complicated and time consuming.

*Adapted from Weingarten and Brewer, Finc 564, Georgetown University, Fall 2009

road side market The IntegrowFund is a vehicle that invests funds on behalf of Integrow capital. Our focus is SME’s within the Southern part of Africa.
At Integrow, we have a deep belief and conviction that the struggle to overcome poverty in Africa must be won by establishing profitable businesses and attracting foreign investments while at the same time creating opportunity for the local enterprises. We look to the project sustainability as well as the social economic impact. Our emphasis is doing good, while pursuing financial returns. In this regard, "sustainable" also means that projects need to be economically viable, and generate sufficient and acceptable financial returns for the Fund.
We also use this vehicle to provide a ready market for smallholder farmers by buying their produce at above local market prices, for resell on the international market, resulting in a win-win relationship.
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